C.K. Gerhartsreiter AKA TAFKA Clark Rockefeller

Artist Statement

Many of my inspirations, particularly my use of colors, come from the nieuwe beeldung or "La Néo-Plasticisme" of Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondrian. Like Mondrian, my work uses a highly restricted palette of primary colors — red, blue, and yellow — and the non-colors — black, white, and gray.

Secondarily, my art echoes the conceptual canon of Constructivism. My paintings have no illusionist perspectives of volume, space, time, or mood; they have predetermined forms with precise adjustments; they use flat planes without chiaroscuro or shading. Most significantly, the image itself represents the subject.

My tertiary inspiration uses the dictum that all art should deliberately and meaningfully break at least one rule. My art breaks the Constructivist credo of an absence of symbolism by using nautical flags to make direct statements as an elemental means of expression, turning my art into the new form of Neo-Constructivism. William James Association art instructor Sonia Wallach said, "All art involves copying." Not so with my works. My art derives from no specific sources. It has no analogue. No artist has ever produced anything even remotely similar, which affords my works and my style an unparalleled position in postmodern painting.

Artist Bio

C. K. Gerhartsreiter AKA TAFKA Clark Rockefeller, a San Quentin resident since 2016, writes for the San Quentin News for which the California News Publishers Association gave him an award for his coverage of business and the economy. He also tutors grammar for Mount Tamalpais College.

Besides news, Clark writes long-form literary works about elusive topics in an elegant and engaging postmodern style he calls "Quantitative Equilibristic Prose" and he types his creations on a retro-utopian Dvorak keyboard. In 2022, he wrote an acclaimed work about a painting by Mark Rothko, his favorite artist.

Before his 2017 discovery of Saturday Open Studio run by William James Association, he had never painted anything.

Contact Information

C. K. Gerhartsreiter (CDCR# AR3108)

San Quentin State Prison

San Quentin, CA 94974

Agent: David Johnson

Email: 171819creative@gmail.com

email via:

California | SQSP

Artwork Detail: Manifesto, C.K. Gerhartsreiter AKA TAFKA Clark Rockefeller, 2022